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Lirik lagu D’Cinnamons ~ My lovely Friend


I Have a lovely friend,
he’s not an ordinary friend
Long hair with brown eyes,
I’ve known him since we were kids
Yes I have a lovely friend,
more than an illusory friend
Now that we’ve grown up, Oh God, what a big surprised

Well, my lovely friend,
he looks calm but he’s not, oh my
While he is around,
I feel his love goes surrounding me
Tell him story,
make his smiley
Trying everything to keep him around
He reminds me, he’s too naughty
I can see,  I can’t let him free

I’m telling the world, I’m falling in love
That makes me gleeful and fly away
Singing a song, how happy I’ll be
Closer to you and you close to me…..

And We dance whenever I sing this song.


About alianaling

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6 thoughts on “Lirik lagu D’Cinnamons ~ My lovely Friend

  1. i like this song :’)

    Posted by Ranii | 3 Januari 2013, 06.45
  2. ohhh my song really,,, 😀

    Posted by ANS | 3 April 2013, 07.07
  3. i like :* #mantap

    Posted by ratu | 5 Desember 2013, 23.34

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